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3D/AR Product



Elevate your online store with immersive 3D images and captivate your audience.

Place your product in any scene of your choice to showcase it in the most appealing and captivating manner.

Engage the modern shopper by integrating cutting-edge AR technology into your product listings.


Advantages of 3d work


Cheaper than a photo session, which can cost up to $20,000 per product


Dont need to send us the product. Pictures, measurements and label will be enough


We from LPD can deliver a fully modelled, rendered model in up to 3 days

Any color variation, camera angle and lighting. Need extra shots long after the jobs is finished? We'll charge way less for already having most job done

Where to use the content



What is the duration of the animations?

Animation durations can range from 1 second to 20 seconds. However, we can make exceptions for longer durations upon request.

Why is it cheaper than a photo session?

Our service is cost-effective for several reasons:

- You don't need to send us the physical product, reducing shipping costs.
- The production time is shorter compared to a traditional photo session.
- If you require additional shots in the future, we can offer you competitive pricing since we retain your project data for easy access and reuse.

How long does it take to create an animation?

In the initial stage, we will provide you with the modeled product and an animation preview within approximately 2-3 days. After your approval, we can deliver the full-resolution render within an additional 2 days.

Do you create character animations?

Currently, we do not offer character animations.

Can I request complex animations?

Yes, we are capable of creating complex product functionalities.

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